Bible Study

Bible Class provides Christians with the opportunity to discover the truths of the Bible for themselves. Through the Bible, we discover who God is and what His purpose is for us. It is an integral part of a Christian’s life and we court is a special privilege and honor that God has granted us. The Bible is God’s gift to us. It is where we are reassured of His love, grace, and forgiveness. The primary purpose of Bible class is to enable us to become stronger Christians in service to the kingdom of God. Bible class provides us with the tools to rightly divide the word of truth whereby we can become workmen approved unto God with no need to be ashamed. Satan mixes a lot of truth with just a little falsehood. So we are to use the scripture to prove all things, just as the people of Brea did. Acts 17:11 “These were nobler than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with readiness of mind and searched the scripture daily whether those things were so.”

For information about this ministry contact:

Robert Hamilton